Support and Marketing

  • We proudly sponzor best Yacht Czech team HEBE V. World silver winner 2019 and many other prizes!
  • ASIST Rolls Royce show in Hungary (opening of a new Metro store in Budapest)
  • ASIST Tsunami 2005, 5% of turnover donated to the victims of the disaster in Asia (TV, 2 weeks of radio broadcasting)
  • ASIST "work with us, fly with us", Joint action of Metro Hungary and the airline MALEV
  • ASIST Mix Max - combine fantastic big DIY items and thereby differentiate yourself from others
  • ASIST New concept: Be seasonal, be current - introduce in the Czech Republic
  • "ASIST World Tour 2010 Across U.S.A. & Europe - Buy Asist tools and experience a fantastic ride in a luxury limousine"
  • 2011 - competition for the nicest workshop, "Win and fly to a NASCAR race!"