Company WETRA-XT Group was founded in 1997 and at that time it obtained the exclusive representation of brand WETRA-XT, Vision France for Europe with an assortment of light sources and household articles.
In 2000 WETRA-XT gained also complete exclusivity for ASIST brand with distribution for whole Europe. This brand is profiled by its mid-range power tools which provide customers with unique quality originating from directly controlled factories in China.
The selection of these factories is subject to strict European criteria and it is no secret that these factories produce brands such as Metabo, Bosch, Makita, Skill, DeWALT and many more.


Why is ASIST todays top selling brand in the Czech market?

  • QUALITY – ASIST tools are of great quality and they are being produced by the best manufacturers which are also producing best brands such as Bosch, Metabo and more. Therefore we also provide 3-years warranty.*
  • PRICE - Excellent price thanks to direct contact with manufacturers. Between the seller and producing factory is our company the only connection.
  • OUR COMMITMENT - The truth is that it is great commitment for us to provide all of our customers with the best possible service even with such a high volume of sold tools (currently 4.5 million machines) and this confidence of Czech and European customers is very much appreciated. We will do our very best to provide our customers with even better services than till now.
  • SERVICE – ASIST´s service base is unique, we are able to repair the products in time frame starting at 48 hours, we have probably the largest stock of spare parts in the Czech Republic and with regard to products quality, we honor the rule of our customers: It is better to repair the tool and use it for years than thrown it away and buy a new one. ASIST tools - tools of Years!
  • ONLINE - ASIST is available for you in our online shop within 24 hours. With free deliveries anywhere** and for unbeatable prices. Check right here.
  • FOR WHO IS ASIST BRAND? For hobby use, craftsmen and professionals.

In 2005 we gained exclusive rights to represent Da Vinci brand in our market. Da Vinci is a modern brand of furniture and it is also a synonym for an excellent choice of classical range of different model lines of kitchen sets, bedrooms, complementary furniture, PC tables ranging from simple ones to large conference tables. We also offer office sets for companies and because of their uniqueness we are one of the main suppliers for office furniture in Czech Republic.

Interior doors Da Vinci

Modern design incorporated into the unique technologies of the door itself. Durable, all rounded edges and a very high resistance against abrasion and contamination. Doors Da Vinci offers more than conventional doors, and it is the practical value of the product combined with an aesthetic benefit to your interior. For this reason we can give you a 10-year guarantee.